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We are Charlie & James, the founders of Kiss & Tail, and also fellow pet owners.

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Creating the UK's
largest dog community platform!

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After wanting to breed our 4-legged friend, Rio, and having absolutely no where to find the perfect Mate, we then quickly realised that millions of others were experiencing the same problem. 13.5 million dogs, and zero ways for like-minded users to connect.

This is the new revolutionary dog community platform. An app for dog owners, made by dog owners. We can’t wait for you and your dog to join the Kiss & Tail community.

We strongly believe in creating a social platform that enables dog owners across the country to connect with each other. Find your local dog groups, events and veterinary services all in one place! You'll also be able to explore safe and ethical breeding opportunities for your furry friend.

We want more and more people across the country to be able to experience the love that we all share with our Dogs, and the only way that we can do this is by building the UK's largest pet dog community.

Charlie & James
(and Rio)
Overhead shot of Rio, the founders' dog

Say no to puppy mills

At Kiss & Tail, we pride ourselves in putting the health and wellbeing of our furry friends at the forefront of our minds. There is a reported 450,000 puppies across the UK which are unregistered and unaccounted for, putting them a great risk of health complications and unsafe living environments.

We say no to this and want to focus on a user-to-user base, with all breeders on our App requiring background checks and certifications, helping to put dogs into a safe, happy home.

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Ethical Breeding

Kiss & Tail exists to encourage safe and ethical breeding of our pet dogs. This means we require all users to complete a health checklist for their pup; providing a matching function that helps you find a suitable mate; and providing information on breeding legislation/guidelines.

All your doggy needs in one place

Looking for new dog waking routes in your area? Want to join a dog walking group? Or perhaps you need help finding the most reliable dog groomers or veterinary services. Kiss & Tail can assist you.

Informed Users

All users will have access to an abundance of information through our platform. You can learn about safely breeding your dog; Learn about your dogs breed, such as certain traits and their temperament. Or perhaps you're not sure on what food is best for your dog. All your nutritional advice available at the click of the button.

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What services does the Kiss & Tail App provide

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Safe & Ethical

Kiss & Tail is a dog matching service (its like Tinder for Dogs).

In-app messaging

The opportunity for you to ask the matched user as many questions as you like, to find out if their dog is the Pawfect match for yours

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Breed Catalogue

Find any information you require about specific breeds

Dog Breeding guidelines

Find relevant guidance and government/local authority legislations around dog breeding.

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Pre-breeding checklist

A step by step guide to follow that all users must consider prior to breeding their pups.

News and updates

Keen to find out about local community events for yourself and your 4-legged friend? Look no further.

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