FAQ about Kiss & Tail

Curious about our app's launch, matching process, or licensing requirements? Dive into our FAQs for insights on Kiss & Tail's journey and offerings.

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When is the app being launched?

We are aiming to launch the app by Summer 2024


How can we stay up to date with the launch of Kiss & Tail?

You can follow our social media accounts (listed below) and you can receive monthly email updates (if you opted in).


How are dogs matched?

Based off scientifically-backed guidance and legislations, dogs are matched to the most optimum breed, which also takes into account other important health factors, to ensure safe and ethical breeding.


Do I need a licence to breed my dog?

Not necessarily. If you are breeding dogs as a business, or plan on breeding your dog more than 3x times in a 12 month period, then you may need a licence. Please take a look at the following government guidelines to see if you will need a licence: Dog breeding licensing: statutory guidance for local authorities - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


How much do I pay for a Kiss & Tail user account?

Nothing! All users can register on the app for FREE. To unlock additional features and have access to a wider range of tools, you can opt in for the small monthly subscription.

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